• Stellar Hero 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Washable Plastic Poker Cards Set in a Premium Plastic Case (2 Decks)

    Details: Looking for a new game to play? Playing cards have been around since the beginning of time. They are a timeless classic and one of the most popular card games. But they can be expensive and difficult to replace if they get damaged. That’s why we created Stellar Hero Playing Cards. Stellar Hero is 100% plastic and washable, so you can keep playing with your favorite game even when things go wrong. We’ve got you covered! Our Stellar Hero Playing cards are 100% plastic, washable, and poker-sized. They come in a plastic case that fits two decks of cards, so you can play with friends or family members. The poker size playing cards are 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size, and 0.32 mm thickness which is standard for most poker players. Each set contains 54 cards with a standard joker print. The cards are made of plastic and have the same size as regular playing cards. They’re also washable, so you can clean them off when they get dirty or smudged. The case holds two decks of cards, which means you can play with friends who want to challenge you with their game! They’re easy to shuffle and shuffle back up again, and they’re great for playing small games like poker or gin rummy. With the best cards you can buy, it’s easy to become a card shark. The Stellar Hero Playing Cards 2-Decks Poker Size 100% Plastic Playing Cards Set in Plastic Case is sure to give you an edge over your opponents.

    Brand: Stellar Hero Poker

    Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches

    Cards Thickness: 0.32mm

    Origin: China

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